Announcement of the end of our activities


This is Yusuke Kiyama.


Heterogeneous Andead will end our activities after show on 17 December 2023.

It has been 11 years since Kiyama started their predecessor project ANDEAD in 2012, It has been 9 years since vocalist Haruka joined the band in 2014 and established their current style, So far, we have produced two albums and one EP, with the albums even getting a worldwide release, After the Covid-19, we have decided to end our activities, even though we are now able to play live again actively.


Heterogeneous Andead started with high ideals and a clear musical vision, with a view to expanding worldwide from the very beginning. In order to create our own originality, we have been willing to go against conventional wisdom and convention. As a result, we have ended up with a halfway style and have taken some detours. However, we have done our best to do what we thought was best at the time.


To be honest, there have been more times when I have had a hard time because things didn't turn out the way I wanted than when I had fun. But I have no regrets about what I have done so far. If I could go back and start over, I would definitely do it the same way. I would meet all the members I have worked with so far again, and we would spend the same time together, sometimes getting angry and sometimes laughing.


The greatest treasure is the music that has been produced by this band. I'm quite a unprolific writer and have only released 25 songs so far, And except for a few humming bits and pieces of ideas, not a single song has been rejected since I started writing them. In other words, I've only composed 25 songs so far. (There are only a couple of unused pieces of ideas.)

ABUSE, the first song I wrote in my life when I was 17, is also on the EP UNDEAD. That is how important each song is to me, and I consider each song to be like my own child. One of my goals with this band was to make music that I was satisfied with and that I wanted to listen to, I think we achieved that.


The reason why we resumed live activities after the Covid-19 was because we wanted to showcase the new songs that had been born. We also wanted to perform songs that are not easily performed on a normal 30-minute stage, We decided to perform as the band's last big show.


Today, with the advancement of various technologies, it is easy for a single person to create a song with all parts, including vocals, at a high level. However, if you want to play in a band and perform live, you have to have band members. For me, this was the source of a lot of trouble and frustration, But it is also true that the band has been able to continue for 11 years because of these members. So I can only thank all the regular and support members who have been a part of this band.


Especially Haruka, the one and only vocalist with a unique voice, who has established the band's style in a way that I did not expect at the beginning, And Takashi Onitake, who joined the band at a time when it was likely to go down the drain and became the driving force behind our activities with his unparalleled vitality, I give them both my greatest thanks.


Finally, we would like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who have supported Heterogeneous Andead in any way.


Thank you very much for 11 years.

This is Haruka on the vocal of Heterogeneous Andead.


Our band is a solo project band of the leader, Yusuke Kiyama, and I was in charge of the vocals. For this reason, it is his decision to end the band's activities, so I have just accepted it as well. It's true that I was relieved because I had set a clear goal of completing our one-man show and ending our activities. And to be honest, I also felt the limits of my vocal ability.


However, to be honest, I feel very lonely. I joined this band at that time as it was my first vocal challenge and I could only growl one phrase. In order to responsibly fulfill my duties as a vocalist, I practiced almost every day and even studied in a music school. Then, for nine years, I thoroughly managed my own life, including food, clothing, sleep, posture, mental health, English skills, and work... yes  every minute and second of my life, I was thinking about this band. There were many times when I was worried about myself and those around me, and it was painful. But there were also many wonderful worlds that could only be seen here.


That's why, although I feel more sad than relieved, I also have a strong sense of accomplishment. So I would like to share this decision with him. I think this will probably be my first and last band as a vocalist. 

This band is an irreplaceable and important for me.


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Yusuke Kiyama, who has patiently watched over beginner vocalists and been in the band with me for 9 years, the regular and support members so far, the people involved in the band both domestically and internationally, friends and acquaintances, our audience... and this band. 


Finally, I would like to enjoy the best time with everyone on the days of our one-man tour. Thank you so much for everything.